The Federal Government established Federal Drug Crimes, with the most common being Drug Trafficking, to combat the distribution of controlled substances across the country. North Carolina has its own set of laws, and the Federal Government has a totally separate set of laws aimed at stopping the illegal distribution of controlled substances. Federal Drug Trafficking Charges are generally harsher in terms of sentencing, but this also depends on the nature of the crime and the criminal background, age, work history of the person accused.

Federal Drug Trafficking Cases have separate punishments and penalties and these are divided into categories, with each crime having it’s own guideline.

  • Trafficking and the Distribution is accusation of selling, delivering, or providing controlled substances illegally. The charge typically becomes a federal charge because of the quantity of the drugs involved and can carry 5 or 10 year mandatory minimum setences.
  • The Manufacturing of Drugs charge is a when a person plays a role in cultivating or manufacturing a controlled substance.
    • Cultivation is defined as harnessing the naturally occurring processes of illegal controlled substances, for instance growing marijuana would fall under the Cultivating Drugs charge.
    • Drug Manufacturing is the producing or creating more synthetic controlled substances through chemical process or in a laboratory, this would be the case with MDMA and Crack Cocaine, because these drugs are manufactured.
    • Drug Manufacturing Convictions can lead to a prison sentence that can carry 5 to 10 years mandatory minimum sentences, which also depends on the quantity of the drugs involved.
  • Drug Possession charges are the most common form of a drug charge in North Carolina. Drug Possession is simply the Possession of a Controlled Substance, which can be either either Actual Possession or Constructive Possession. Drug Possession sentencing again boils down to the type of controlled substance and quantity of it.
Defenses to Drug Trafficking Cases vary and are unique to each case. With the stakes being extremely high in Federal Court, it is vital that Federal Drug Trafficking charges are met with an Aggressive Defense Strategy. One strategy for Drug Trafficking cases is a Motion to Suppress an aspect of the Police Investigation. With a Suppression Motion you can attack the methods employed by the law enforcement agency as a violation of the 4th Amendment which is your right against Unreasonable Searches and Seizures. If a Suppression Motion is successful, then it will enable us to keep out certain aspects of the case, including evidence procured by the agency.

Federal Drug Trafficking Cases are extremely common charges in the Federal System. The moment you find out you’re under investigation it is vital that you contact our Federal Drug Trafficking Lawyers so we can begin to create a strategy for your case. Our Criminal Lawyers here to help you with your case, contact us today.