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Increases in Paid Leave on the Horizon?

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In the new budget proposed by President Barack Obama, the Department of Labor (“DOL”) is requesting $2 billion in funding for a “Paid Leave Partnership Initiative” that will give more employees …

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Should you stay in your Marriage

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Marriage or Divorce; contact a Greensboro Divorce Lawyer The most recent issue of Time magazine features a cover story titled “How to Stay Married (and Why).” The article suggests that …

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Social Media and Divorce

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Contact a Greensboro Divorce Lawyer to discuss your divorce options. Did you hear the one about the research studies that cited that Facebook is causing 20% of today’s divorces? Press …

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Greensboro Bus Crash Kills Six

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Six Killed in Greensboro Bus Crash Our thoughts and prayers are with those injured and killed in the Greensbor0 Car crash today. A Greensboro City school bus crashed into an GTA bus in …

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Greensboro DWI Jail Time

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Greensboro DWI defendants could spend time in any jail in the state. Beginning January 1, 2015, any period of confinement for any misdemeanor level of DWI, regardless of the sentence …

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